viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016


Los gallegos BARBARIAN PROPHECIES han estrenado videoclip para “Secret Of Creation”, tema incluido en el EP “Remains Of Existence”.

BARBARIAN PROPHECIES “Secret Of Creation” lyrics:

Humanity is doomed from the ancient times,
Sumerians touched the secret of creation.
The genetic experiment which has shaped the human being
is trying to decipher in our origins the nature of which we came from.
We’re a scientific trial, a divine legacy.
A seed in the colonization of the universe,
from stars, millions of light years away.
Programmers of the code of life are lurking
unaware of the blockade of the development of human race.
Mighty leaders wish to keep us trapped forever.

Constant struggle since the past
between those who wish prosperity
to continue the process of evolution,
and all those who hide the true knowledge
and the true reason for the DNA… (x2)
…to stop our growth.

They oppress and destroy us. (x2)

We tolerate that members
of our species are helpless.
Living in poverty,
starving, selling ourselves as a slaves.
Showing the cruel reflection of humanity.

The time to awaken is near.

The long slumber must end,
the next step in evolution must be given.

Open the door which leads to spiritual freedom,
breaking the chains of the holy lies
before the total annihilation,
we’re ruled from the shadows,
the answer lives inside us.

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